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ugh good good good leave my baby boob alone

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i remember when i was 5 i used to take dancing lessons and there was this kid in 7th grade who’d make fun of me and call me “gay” but the jokes on him because i gave his younger cousin a handjob at camp so who’s gay now

i think you’re still technically gay

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55 Twitter photos from space that will fill you with ethereal wonder

Reid Wiseman is a national treasure.

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Still going through my blog and there’s all these audio posts with no descrip so I press play and I get hit with A LULLABY FOR YOU JFC I AM SLAIN

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I’ve finally finished it!;_; I guess I just needed an excuse to draw a bunch of shirtless teenagers.

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Awwwww! The most-used word in My Beating Heart is Jean and the most-used word in His Beating Heart is Marco. How about that.


my heart…. is melting…..;o;

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Rin Matsuoka - Shark Teeth(?) 




i cant give you my heart 

cause my heart is in the cards


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gonna go through my blog and delete all the reposted art im starting to get tired of tumblr

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