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What have I done…

you just made Frozen so much better


mika ♥ 


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Beach volleyball with the Karasuno boys

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DGNA 「Rilla Go!」3rd Single Give-away!



WOOT another give away. why? yes i bought two albums again lol so i’m giving one away. the item will be DGNA’s Rilla Go!! single + photocard, no poster and unsigned. if you’d like an autographed version, please go visit mwave or contact a bulk buyer. :)

Rules are simple:

  • Giveaway will run from Oct. 19, 2014 to November 16, 2014 pst
  • You are not required to follow me. you can, but you don’t really have to.
  • You must be 18+ or have parent permission for me to send you stuff.
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT: if you bought a copy already, PLEASE refrain from entering. i know some of you collect photo cards. Whoever enters, i really want them to keep both and not keep one and give away or sell the other. this is really for those who can’t afford to buy one yet wants one.

Like and reblog however many times you want.


:) there you go! if you have any questions, please drop by my inbox.

i will not answer anon asks. all messages will be a private transaction.

Thanks and good luck!

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1/? - Mika being flawless
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So i stumbled across Fauna and Beau whilst running about my town.

Shippin’ it.

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To: Masters (and anyone willing to help a sister/brother fandom in need)


Alright my friends, it’s the start of a new week and I know we’re all busy and stressed (it’s midterm season for me too and I know it never really slows down from here to finals T.T).
But I’d like to ask/remind you to take out a couple minutes to:

  • Vote for DGNA on Show Champion (you can vote 3x a day)
  • Vote for DGNA on M Countdown (create an account or sign in through Twitter or Facebook)
  • Watch Rilla Go! (on the Poom channel, all the way through, don’t use the replay button if you’re going to watch more than once, delete your cookies every few views or watch in an ‘incognito’/private window).
  • Comment on the video. Multiple times. Chat about how sexy your bias looks/sounds with your fellow masters. Don’t be shy to comment a lot.
  • Use hash tags on Twitter. You can use #RillaGo and #DGNA OR #대국남아 (Use 2 and the hash tags should be in the middle, not as the first or last word of the tweet and retweet other fans’ tweets. 10RTs is 1 SNS point).
  • Buy the music. The album, with or without a poster, is available from the usual places (Yesasia, Kpopmart, so pick your poison) or a signed copy from MWave after their meet and greet (scheduled for November). And it is available from itunes also (for like 4$).
    (If you’re interested but strapped for cash or whatever your reason, I know there are Masters, myself included, who are willing to help you buy from mwave — operating under the assumption our kindness won’t be taken advantage of.)
  • If you can, stream on the streaming sites (Bugs, MelOn..)

(*signing up for accounts, from what I remember, is pretty straight forward. If you do have difficulties though, please feel free to ask me for assistance and I’ll do my best. :) )

That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head, feel free to add anything I’ve missed.
As we’ve heard, the boys have been struggling lately. Heaven knows all that those boys have done for us, even if they don’t. Now is the time for us to rally behind them and do our best for them.

If you’re not a Master, we would, with all our hearts, appreciate if you took the time to check out of boys, give them a view, maybe even a vote or a tweet to your followers.
Nobody wants to see the people they love lose hope in their dreams..


"What happened to Erwin cake afterwards?"

He was set ablaze and consumed. He was surprisingly tasty.